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3D printing filaments – all thermoplastics at one place

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF – alternative name: FDM® – Fuse Deposition Modeling) 3D printing is a growing industry trend. More and more companies decide to join the additive manufacturing revolution and take advantage of making new objects out of thermoplastics. In order to gain top-class printouts, you need to provide verified 3D printing filaments.

This e-commerce category combines a vast range of materials suitable for industrial 3D printing. We collected filaments made by world-recognized thermoplastics producers, including 3DGence, Polymaker, Fillamentum, Solvay, BASF, 3DXTech, Gehr, and many more. The offer comprises high-performance polymers, engineering materials, and commodity filaments. Each group has different properties that result in some distinct qualities of printouts and possible usage (rapid prototyping, molding, testing, jigs & figures, and end-parts). Above all, these filaments’ features play a key role in terms of printing for critical applications in the aerospace, defense, railway, or space sectors.

Filaments for FFF/FDM® 3D printing

FFF is a method of creating physical things, layer by layer, by melting and depositing thermoplastic material, provided on a spool. Different materials have different requirements when it comes to printing – to receive a top-class results, you need to operate a professional 3D printer equipped with interchangeable hotends and a heated printing chamber.

At 3DGence Store you can find both the most popular filaments, e.g. ABS, PET, PP, PLA, PC, ASA, Nylon, and the materials suitable for manufacturing parts for the most demanding application – PEEK, PEEK Areo, ULTEM™ 9085 or LEXAN™. These thermoplastics are available in a vast range of colors and at reasonable prices. To be sure you choose the right material to meet your business project needs, feel invited to consult the purchase with a 3DGence engineer.

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