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A hotend is an obligatory element of each 3D printer using FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology. This printer component plays a crucial role in the printing process, being responsible for heating, melting, and extruding the filament. A hotend construction comprises different parts that allow controlling of the temperature and pressure. The design and geometry of a hotend affect printing performance, and prevent filament frictions, clogging or under-extrusion problems. That is why selecting a suitable hotend is a vital part of the printing process.

High-quality hotends for 3D printers

This category comprises interchangeable hotends for 3DGence models: One and Double. They both are made of qualitative components that enable safe and precise printing. These 3D printing hotends are suitable for using different types of filaments, thus a user can take advantage of the full potential of FFF 3D printing. They are made for quick heating (0-200°C < 1 min) that reduces the time of printing. Moreover, their compact size and ergonomics facilitate hassle-free installation and cleaning. Last but not least, the hotends are available with different nozzle diameter sizes.

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