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Glues for 3D printing

A proper glue is a really important factor in terms of obtaining accurate and successful printouts. It provides print-bed adhesion, eliminates the risk of print movement, and protects the glass surface. To put it in other words, using an appropriate adhesive liquid elevates printing performance and reduces the risk of wasting time and money.

These aspects are meaningful in industrial-grade 3D printing, where effectiveness counts a lot. This category delivers glues designed for 3D printing purposes, particularly Dimafix and Magigoo. Both brands are well-known in FFF additive manufacturing world, compatible with different types of filaments (e.g., ABS, PVA, PLA, TPE, HIPS) and working in a wide range of temperatures.

3DGence – your 3D printing hub

At 3DGence we shape the industry 4.0 sector by delivering end-to-end solutions based on FFF technology. We mainly focus on designing and producing true industrial 3D printers, but we do not forget about the importance of accessories in additive manufacturing. The glues presented below provide a solid connection between the table surface and the printout. They do not generate smells or toxic fumes and are handy to apply. When the platform temperature drops, the glue layer loses its adhesive effect and the model can be easily detached. Some glues are soluble – only hot water is required to clean the model.