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*all filaments available in the "Outlet" tab are brand new and packed in original packaging

Filaments outlet: keep costs under control

Polymers are inseparable elements of FFF 3D printing technology. Different filaments feature distinct qualities that affect the final printout and manufacturing process. That’s why choosing a proper thermoplastic plays a key role in the whole process of additive manufacturing. It also determines the costs of printing new objects. The most durable, high-performance polymers cost much more than lower-class filaments. To keep the company’s spending under control, it’s crucial to pick the filament that will meet your project needs and avoid overpayment.

Outlet – filaments at a good price

This category includes different types of filaments with discounted prices. Here you can find special offers for the most popular polymers: PLA, ABS, ASA, Nylon, PC, PC-ABS, or PA. You need to be quick and do not hesitate too much, as the number of discounted pieces is limited. In case of problems with selecting the proper filament, keep in mind you can consult your needs with our experts who will advise you on the most suitable polymer. Discuss your needs with 3DGence consultant and buy the recommended materials at the best price.