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Engineering polymers – thermoplastics for 3D printing

Here comes the middle range of 3D printing filaments pyramid, called advanced engineering polymers. They feature a good level of resistance to some chemicals, high temperatures, or mechanical strain. The qualities can be reinforced by adding supplementary components (e.g., glass fiber or carbon fiber), which make this group a substantial range of FFF 3D printing filaments.

This category comprises such thermoplastics as PC, ABS, PC-ABS, PET, PA, PC-CF, PC-ESD, PA-GF. All of them work well in industrial-grade 3D printing, being suitable materials for making jigs & figures, rapid prototyping, modeling, or manufacturing end parts. This group of materials is widely applied in many industrial sectors, including automotive, HVAC, white goods, housing, customer products, sports and outdoor appliances, electronic devices, food containers, and even the medical industry.

3DGence store: the best place to buy engineering polymers

Having long, global-scale experience in the additive manufacturing sector, at 3DGence we are able to provide quality products at reasonable prices, and this category clearly confirms that. We sell engineering polymers made by BASF, ColorFabb, Covestro, Fiberlogy, Fillamentum, Polymaker, and 3DXTech. It’s worth keeping in mind, the mentioned thermoplastics show various properties, thus they cannot be used alternatively. If you have any problems with finding a filament suitable for your business need, feel free to ask a 3DGecne advisor to reduce the risk of the wrong choice.

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