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High Performance

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High-performance polymers – FFF 3D printing filaments

Filaments that drop into this category show exceptional resistance to environmental factors, featuring some mechanical qualities typically associated with metals. These polymers are exceptionally rugged and can handle high temperatures and multiple chemicals, keeping low weight at the same time.

Moreover, some thermoplastics have innate flame-retardant, which makes them a suitable choice for the most demanding sectors, where specialized safety norms apply. Talking about high-performance polymers in particular, PEKK, PEEK, PEEK-CF, LEXAN™, PEEK Aero, and ULTEM™ 9085 should be given as product examples available at the 3DGence store. These thermoplastic materials are delivered by world-leading companies in the sector: Victrex, Solvay, Kimya, Gehr, and 3DGence.

Advanced filaments for FFF 3D printing

The top qualities and superb resistance of thermoplastics placed into this category determine three conclusions. Firstly, these products are the most expensive filaments available on the market. Secondly, due to their prices, high-performance polymers are mainly used where other materials fail. The filaments can meet the most demanding safety standards, thus they can be used for printing end-parts and prototypes for companies operating in the public transportation sector, defense, space, or aviation industry. Thirdly, to obtain quality printouts, you need to use an industrial 3D printer featuring a big chamber volume, filters, an actively heated chamber, and interchangeable modules. While printing with high-performance filaments, a materials management system would be extremely useful, too. To find out more about the top advanced filaments for FFF 3D printing, do not hesitate to contact a 3DGence specialist.

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