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Commodity polymers

Commodity filaments comprise thermoplastics with limited resistance to temperature, impact, or chemicals, and with relatively low mechanical qualities. Thus, they cannot be used for advanced industrial applications. Simultaneously, they work well as polymers for rapid prototyping.

Many companies and 3D printing enthusiasts use them because of their reasonable price and easiness of printing. Moreover, most of the commodity polymers need low/moderate requirements regarding a 3D printer, and even some desktop machines can handle printing with commodity filaments. Having an industrial 3D printer, you can get great quality printouts made of the majority of commodity polymers.

Find your commodity filaments at 3DGence Store

At 3DGence we mainly focus on professional solutions and industrial applications of our products. Nevertheless, we also offer a wide range of commodity polymers, such as ASA, ABS, PP, and PLA. Our clients willingly use these materials for low-cost rapid prototyping that enables them quick and affordable testing of creative ideas. We offer commodity filaments provided by 3DGence, Formufutura, and Polymaker. Presenting slightly different traits, the presented below materials offer various properties that affect the final result of printing. To find out more about their features, please read the product descriptions or ask 3DGence advisor about the pros and cons of using the chosen commodity polymer.

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